Why pay with a Credit Card?

A credit card is the most common form of borrowing money. Though most will agree that a debit card is a better way of managing your money, a credit card is important for creating a good credit score. This puts you in good stead for borrowing money in the future for transactions such as buying a house, car, or any other large purchase. A good credit history is important if you want to get the best deal, but there are also options for those who have bad credit. Go over to our bad credit credit card section for more information about your options.

After you begin using your credit card, you will receive monthly statements with the summary of your spending and the outstanding balance to be paid off. If you pay this off in full each month then your credit score should improve.

Paying through a credit card also provides: purchase protection, allowing you to make a claim against your credit provider if any goods purchased by your credit card are lost, damaged, or faulty; fraud protection, protecting you against fraudulent activity on your account and protecting you against potential harm to your credit file.