Credit Cards

Why compare?

With so many credit cards and deals, choosing a credit card is not as easy as it seems. Comparing the options around you will pay off in the long term, helping you manage your money in a way which puts you in the best financial situation possible.  Here you can find all sorts of resources to help you decide which credit card is best for you, whether you are looking to earn rewards or to move your credit score from bad to good.

Making a large purchase?

A 0% purchase card can be a step in the right direction if you are making a large purchase; the cost of which you are spreading across several months, thus giving you a chance to meet the repayments without interest being added.

Consult our comparison chart and customer reviews to make sure you know what offers there are around so that you make the best decision for you.

Balance transfer cards

Balance transfer cards allow you to save money by transferring your balance to a 0% balance transfer card if you are paying interest on a sizeable credit card debt. If you have a large credit card debt which is gaining interest then you can transfer your balance over to a balance transfer credit card. With the increase of these cards on the market there are more offers and incentives, such as a 0% introductory balance transfer period. Make sure you look at our comparison chart so that you choose the best transfer card for you.

Reward cards

You could be suitable for a reward card if you are on top of your finances and meet your monthly credit card repayments. A credit card which gives out rewards can come in the form of cashback credit cards or airmiles credit cards. With so many reward schemes to choose from it’s important to know what is out there, so go on over to our comparison chart and see what is on offer and make sure that you select a card that provides rewards that will be useful to you and that matches the amount you usually spend. It’s important to note that you may be considered for a reward credit card only if you have a good credit score.


Bad credit?

Don’t worry about your bad credit history when it comes to getting a credit card; if you have a bad credit history, or a credit history that would cause problems in a credit card application, you could benefit from a bad credit credit card. Comparing these cards and ensuring that you understand and meet the specific criteria allows you to choose the card that suits you and your credit rating. A bad credit credit card will come with higher interest rates than those appealing to the perfect credit score audience. However, a bad credit credit card allows you to build your credit file up providing you clear the outstanding amount each month.

If you are unsure of the status of your credit file you can check this online at Credit Portal.

Travel credit cards

If you travel a lot then a travel credit card may be useful, allowing you to spend abroad, withdraw money and attain more competitive exchange rates with none of the expensive fees acquired with standard credit or debit cards.

Most standard credit or debit cards charge steep fees when used abroad, therefore if you travel a lot to countries with different currencies, an abroad credit card, or overseas credit card, can prove very useful. With a credit card specific to spending abroad you can withdraw cash and make purchases with no fees and with the best exchange rates. Don’t know which credit card to choose? Take a look at our comparison chart to help you make the right decision.

Cashback Credit Cards

A cashback credit card earns you cashback when you make everyday purchases. In order to make the most of the cashback credit card you have to fully clear the balance each month, like a regular credit card, so as to avoid interest and fees that would make a cashback credit card more expensive than a normal credit card.

Before you apply you have to consider your options. Think about what you would use the card for and check out the offers in our comparison chart to see what offers and incentives suit you and would make your use of a cashback credit card worthwhile.

Check out our simple ‘how to’ guide to applying for a cashback credit card.

Credit Building Credit Cards

There are many factors that can impact your credit score and subsequently stop you from being approved for a credit card. A low credit score can come as a result of a number of reasons, from never having had a credit card before, or from other complications such as moving house a lot and thus confusing your address history. In order to help you build your credit history, credit building credit cards are there as the most basic form of credit card, helping you build your credit rating as long as you make payments on time and remain within your credit limit.