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Search My Credit allows you to search and compare a variety of financial products from some of the UK’s top providers, in just a few simple clicks.

Whether you’re looking for a loan or if you’re simply exploring our range of service providers for the first time, make sure that you make Search My Credit your first port of call.

We aim to be the industry leader when it comes to directing you to products that meet and exceed your expectations.
Our aim is to provide you with a quick, reliable service that will allow you to explore the marketplace in order to obtain the best possible price for the product or service you require. Then, having found the best price, you can apply for these services at your leisure.
From loans to energy providers, our easy-to-use search application gives you access to an extensive range of financial products from some of the UK’s biggest providers.

Providing you with instant results, we have ensured that our results page gives you a clear breakdown of the costs of your chosen product, outlining the monthly payments you’ll need to make and the overall cost of the product.

We want to make sure that you understand exactly what you’re getting from your purchase. This is important to us.

Search My Credit is a reliable and highly effective service that will allow you to explore a competitive marketplace for a variety of financial services – bringing you one step closer to making substantial savings today.

Search My Credit is a broker, not a direct provider of any of these services. Although we don’t recommend any provider of services over another, we receive commission from the provider if you buy a product from them.

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